An EASY way to know what music license do your clients need 🎼

We heard @matthewcoxy a few days ago saying this in another thread:

“Many of our pre-sales support tickets relate to licensing…”

So, to help AudioJungle clients, we decided to do something about it :slight_smile:

And we created this page: How to know whay AudioJungle license I need?

It’s a series of questions regarding the final use of the item you bought and, depending on your answers, it gives you one license or another.

Despite of studying all the licenses one by one and try to do our best, I’m sure is not perfect, so any help regarding this matter will be invaluable.

Hope you like it!
Please share it if it’s useful. Thanks!


Very Useful! Many Thanks, @SnailMusic :thumbsup:

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Very useful indeed! Thank you!

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Thanks @AlekseyZhdanov & @Voidcore!

Very useful @SnailMusic Many thanks !!!

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Thank you @WildLion_Production! We just translated it into Spanish also:

¿Cómo saber qué tipo de licencia de AudioJungle necesito?


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Thank you very much @SnailMusic ! Great idea!

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It’s perfect really! Many thanks! good job!:slight_smile:

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Thanks @Bill_sound & @NicholasOMoore!!