An author release new product with update of old product. - Is it fair / permissible ?

Hi. I have purchased this year on february a “Youtube library” with transitions and special effects ect.
Then after few days I contacted an author about updates… He told me that, he will update soon with big updates…

After few month I saw that he have not update that product which I purchased, and make new product with new updates of old product.

Is it permissible ? Its not honest and fair really. If its ok then all authors can do it and it would be disrespectful for customers.

I dont want to give that authors name but if any Envato moderator reads this article I can give him that authors profile name. Because I am customer of Envato more than 5 years and purchased about 20 product till today. Its not fair for customer to do things like that.

Thanks in advance.

How significant are the updates? If it’s minor then I agree with you, but if it’s a major update which transforms the older one, then I think it’s justified.