An author refuses a refund

A purchased theme does not work properly. Can the author of that theme refuse a refund because I myself refuse to provide FTP data? He has received admin login data (admin rights). That should be enough, right? In the backend of WordPress he can still edit any file related to the theme if necessary.

Not always if for example your php settings are set too low

They are just fine (7.5).

Hi @BartRaymakers ,

I don’t know what is the theme issue. but if author request you to provide ftp access you can give them limited access only wp-content folder. and after providing ftp if the author can’t fix the issue then you can dispute the refund (you will get options in the refund page) or contact envato customer success.


That’s the whole problem. If I give acces to FTP, he can see, edit, even delete all the files of all the websites I’ve made. I can’t give acces only to a specific location or folder.

What’s the exact issue you’re having with the theme?