An Advice on which server to Choose for Themeforest Items Preview

Hi Guys :blush: ,

I want to ask you something related to Themeforest Preview Items. Sometimes loading times are slow, and customers decide to close item preview, passing on another Theme. Loading times are very important, and I know for sure that hosting servers have a key role in this issue.

Which hosting provider do you prefer, talking about overall speed, for uploading your theme previews?

Is there a very good one who could speed up your preview (excluding the basic practice, such as jpeg interpolation, fixing code and so on) from the maximum possible places people click from?

Thank you!

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Setup nginx and w3 total cache so that your preview is only serving static cached html. Works well on even slow servers.


You can spin up a environment on amazon, works well for me.


Thank you for your advice!

Other Ideas? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hostgator or Siteground work fine usually.

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I have good experiences with Hostgator. Iā€™d check them first. image