"An Abomination"

Today I received an e-mail to let me know that one of my items has been hard disabled.
Ok, no problem. But when I go to read “Here’s some feedback from our Review team on why it was disabled.”…
It said:

“The item is an abomination and would have never met our quality standards, regardless of the date; it should have never been approved.”

An abomination? Do you really think this is a respectful way to give “some feedback”?
I’m in awe.

I remember back in the day the team was nice and respectful.
I don’t care about the item. I get if it doesn’t fit your corporation’s “high quality standards”
But no matter who you are or what your position is, there should be some regard for the person you’re communicating with. Not only at a professional level, but at a human one.

I’m really sorry Envato has turned into this.


I don’t see anything in your portfolio that would be considered an abomination, would you mind sharing what the item was?

That is a pretty extreme way to put it and I’ve never seen anyone on the Envato team communicate like that, so it’s also very surprising. The only thing I can think of is that there’s a lot of people here who don’t speak/write English as their first language, so maybe whoever wrote that doesn’t quite understand the meaning and intentions of using that word.


Oh my god I can’t believe a reviewer said that.

Seams that the reviewers are getting worse and worse, what is the reviewer name ?


wow , this is pretty harsh a comment to say the least and , even if i have been through some very weird things here, the bottom line is that i would not have been suspecting that such comments are given to a member of this community indeed … besides , i think that this is pretty strange to say the least that suddenly they come back on a decision they made (maybe a long time ago if i could understand well), why did they initiate such a process? did u try to update the concerned item or something? anyway, this is the question that comes into my mind indeed … besides this is even harder to believe considering that nowadays , some really flat or poor things keeping on going through and that some guys who have portfolios of 3K items almost exclusively have this in their account and have made no sale at all with 1/3 of the approved items that they turn out to have in their portfolios … so hard to understand the motivation of all this …

@XioxGraphix said something that i have trouble to believe in all the same as i have trouble to believe that the choice of such a word was just awkward , simply saying that “the item should have never made it as not meeting the quality standards” would have been shorter, easier to write and way more acceptable for u indeed … not to mention that this is hard to believe that , with all the choice that they have, this company would select people hardly speaking english well enough so that they cannot identify what is the problem about using such a word …

besides , if u ask me, i have been VERY SHOCKED by a comment that had been made in an official envato publication indeed (emailing to be accurate) … since, , as for i know , we are not supposed to make any negative comment about other people’s stuff in the forums and so on, right? so how could a staff member state " A stylish, easy to customize flyer that’s a refreshing change from the disco balls and champagne bottles that are prevalent in this category." thus disparaging the works of many and also saying something untrue all the way … as for i know the style that was called for has thousands of items - 2 guys alone, have 6K items of this … - and why denying that for party flyer , it takes symbols and that using those elements is not a “shame”?

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Oh, my God!! This is so infuriating, how could this be allowed to happen?! The only thing abominable in this story is the language used by the review team, absolutely disgraceful!!
I agree with Nico 100% in everything he said, there are authors with thousands of terrible items in their portfolio that didn’t make a single sale in years. These authors are continuously flooding the market with dozens of files approved weekly. Why not address that issue first instead of harassing people with a low number of items that actually have sales and good ratings?

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i have been thinking of a solution for a long while in my case (a solution that would probably prevent to have as many hard rejections as authors have now), ie to just take out the works that have been in the market place and have never been sold in a two-year lapse of time … some good items , sometimes have no sale at all out of lack of exposure , but no matter what is the reason - quality or lack of exposure for some reason - if something has never been sold in such a while, this basically means that this is very unlikely to sell afterwards anyways, so why keeping space in the servers for these type of items … besides, i have been doing something like this on my wn with my own portfolio and i would recommend people to do the same. But in any case, this does not have anything to do with the issue that dream warrior first dealt with lol

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Thank you for sharing this with us. I want to personally apologize for any offense or hurt this message may have caused. Every day we strive to work positively with our creative community and the message that went out falls short of our values.

This was not a message meant to be sent intentionally to any author in reaction to their item quality. It was part of a process document using deliberately dramatic language to describe an extreme of conditions for a hypothetical item that might lead to it being disabled.

We were made aware of the use of this statement as feedback within a few hours and took immediate corrective action to ensure that the review team stopped using this wording and that our documentation was updated.

We regret that this happened and we are working internally to ensure that any impacted author receives a follow-up and an apology from our team.


Yikes… i wonder what they say about rejection authors internally now :fearful: