AMZA - Elite Author



Friends, today I became an elite author on AudioJungle!
In the process of beginning and to this day, I met a lot of friends and acquaintances among the members of the Envato community !!!

I am very grateful to all these people, I have learned the best from each of them !!! And if anyone sees competitors in their colleagues, this is far from being so! Since the members of the Envato community are all equal!

Thanks again:
@ALEX_BESSS, @MagicMusicStudio, Top-Flow, @MatSteiner, @PLAYSTARZ, @AndySlatter, @Leon_Felekyan, @Infraction, @LumenMedia, @cleanmindsounds, AudioPizza, @RedLionProduction, OlexandrIgnatov, @pmwa, @AurusAudio, Sky-Productions, BlueFoxMusic, @StockSounds, pinkzebra, OctoSound, @lucafrancini, @StudioKolomna, COSMONKEY, cinematic_alex, Mexikus, @Alex_MakeMusic, D-Music, @Adigold, kornevmusic, audiosputnik, ADG3studios, Dredstudio, @PremiumBeatMusic, TimCat, 37roommusic, IntelligentMusic, musicfilmstudio, @Anuch, alexshulgin, @scottwills, AlexGrohl, Synthezx, prestosound, MalirecStudio, alkis, WebRa, @KingDog, romger, khursey, @polygraphmusic, Royal_Tea_Music, @StereoNuts, toshman, mountainaudio, michaelcataudio, pegasusmusicstudio, @boomopera, ElevateAudio, FHR, CleanMagicAudio, uragrand2007, audioatmosphere, tm_colors, glebator, loungecafe, coffeemusic, and many many others whom I forgot to mention! And also to all friends videohivers - and the whole Envano Team and @collis. And to my family, who gave me this lovely cake!

Thank you all again and good luck!



Awesome cake! I must eat it!


my congratulations colleague! Thank you for not forgetting about me =)




Congrats my friend, wish you big sales! :crazy_face::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:


Well done, Amza, it’s an awesome achievement! Thank you also, for the mention.


Congrats and nice cake!! :smiley:


Now look what you’ve done :slight_smile: It’s 9 p.m. here where I live and I had to go to the store to buy a cake. Yours looks delicious! Nice family, tasty cake!

Guys, don’t post pictures with cakes on the forums, it’s dangerous :wink:

Congratulations for becoming Elite, I’m sure it was a lot of hard work in it :beers::fireworks:



Congrats @AMZA!




Congrats AMZA! Awesome achievement :sunglasses:


Congratulations, Antoine! Well done! :slight_smile:


Congratulations on a great achievement!


Well Done! Congratulations!


Congratulations, @AMZA, keep it up :+1:


Thanks for the shoutout, @AMZA! Congrats!

That cake looks delicious :astonished:


It’s totally deserved! :sunglasses:
Keep it coming to Level 8 and beyond!:wink:


Congratulation! With you more sales!


Congrats :slight_smile: That’s a nice looking cake!


Congrats! :smiley: