AmyMovie - Movie and Cinema WordPress Theme

I want to know if by buying this theme for how long I will have it for my site, I want to make a website for onlie movies I also want to know if I can put the JWPLAYER player to this, I would appreciate your help

The item is yours for life and yes you can add that player

You need to think carefully about what you want to do though - how many videos? Are they movies or short videos? Do users need to be registered to watch? Do they need to pay to be a member/view content? etc. etc.

Managing a decent or sizeable video/movie site requires very very expensive hosting, as well as further security in place to stop content being ripped etc.

It is to watch movies online, without charging is to be able to distract people in this quarantine and power with this content and without having that annoying advertising, they are movies with content for all ages, no violence or xxx,
I will add the content through the iframe of other websites, with this theme can you put it to register? I am new to that and I appreciate that they have answered me

I get JW is a streaming service which will improve your chances, but I still would think that you need to have some fairly good hosting to do this

Also, presumably JW is easy to implement - it might be worth checking with the author if there is a chance the player will not embed properly

when buying this thema the delivery time how much is it? even if it’s weekend, does this topic receive periodic updates?Can the language be changed to theme ?

  • Instant download

  • updates are responsibility of the author but tend to cover core updates

  • translations will depend on the theme but that’s down to the buyer to implement