AMP Expert for an HTML Page

Dear Experts,
I am looking for an AMP expert who can setup the star rating and comment box (provided by ampproject - ampbyexample (dot) com ) and Scroll to top codes on my html page

I am a newbie to coding.

Any experts who can help.

You can try but $30 is unlikely to be enough for reputable developers.

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Thanks a lot for the reply @charlie4282 . Yeah, I had a look there . Since the code is already available at ampproject ,I thought if i can make a request through the forum.

Thanks again for your reply.

The main advantage to envato studio is that you have a degree of official protection.

Finding someone randomly (while there are still many decent devs) in forums means that they are not vetted and if something goes wrong there is nothing Envato can/will do to help


FYI we remove anyone soliciting work via email, skype or PM on the forums in the interest of protecting everyone’s interests.

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Thanks Charlie. I removed that post.

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