amount withdrawal to paypal



Will Paypal charge me to withdraw amount from envato to paypal ?


If I withdraw $100 then I get $100 in my account. I always thought that was the same for everyone, but I think it can vary depending on your country. I hold a $ balance though, if I didn’t then it would get converted to £’s, so I’d lose a bit in the conversion.


Yes! Paypal doesn’t deduct any fee on receiving funds from Envato only if you have USD currency in your Paypal account. Otherwise currency conversion charges would be applicable.


Thank you @SpaceStockFootage @wow_themes
As per my country regulation Paypal can not hold payment itself. It will be auto converted to local currency and transfer to bank account. Not a good option for me. I want hold my payment. Can I use Payoneer and Skrill : like paypal on amazon ?


In this case you surely pay extra withdrawal fee on each transaction which is not affordable. You should choose other payment options like Skrill or Payoneer.


Can I use Skrill or Payoneer to direct shopping on without receiving this money to my real bank account ?
Like pay with paypal


I don’t think they works with Amazon. But both offer you Master card to shop online.