Amory theme problem with new version 6 of slider - no creation post possible- help

Hello ,
i buy the Amory theme , and with the 5.4 slider Inside, all is ok.
I buy the new version of slider 6 and the theme is KO to make new post. Blank screen.
I made a ticket to the support of slider but not found and told me that others theme works…

So they push back to amory dev…. So Amory dev, can you help me please ?

Thanks a lot


Contact with your purchase item author @gljivec right here as a comments hope they will help you out from your issue.


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I have bought your theme 3 years ago and i upgrade to the version 6 of sliver and there can t do others post . Blanc page.
Can you help us please.

Thanks a lot.

you can get help from Expert from Envato Freelancer Platform Envato Studio hope they will helped.