Ambient Piece got rejected, feedback pls



Hello everyone!

Recently I wrote an ambient piano piece and thought it was ok. And again I received a hard reject for “not meeting quality standards”/ Now I really don’t have any idea why this happened. Could you please help me and give your feedback?
Track is here


Your piece seems fine. I would question the selection of synths used as they sound a little stale and dated. The piano and violin? sound nice.
Try changing a few of the sounds maybe. The reverb/release of the main riff leaves the piece sounding very muddy. maybe chose a slightly more dynamic sound with a little more attack and a quicker decay, you could still add a good bit of reverb to it to have the same effect but without sounding so flat or dead.
Just a few ideas


Thank you, really appreciate your help!


The main idea is nice, but the synth arpegio that we hear during the whole piece is a bit repetitive and flat/dull… Maybe it should evolve with filters, to give it more dynamism.
Ambient means calm and quiet, but here this arpegio somehow stresses me a bit, at the end it can even drive me mad :slight_smile: No I am joking, but I am sure this can be improved.

On a positive note, I love your violin!! And the overall composition is fine I think.


Thank you for your response:). So my main problems are repetitiveness and lack of dynamics…


I thought it was great. I think you could take some of the advice on the progression of the ostinato with filters etc as sound. But personally, I think it’s great - I’d have let it in :slight_smile: I mean you can’t really call repetitive minimalism too minimalistic and repetitive can you!? Good job, I enjoyed listening to your track!