Ambient Piano Library

Want to write ambient music in the style of the movie?
Then the library “AMBIENT FILM PIANO” for you.
The library contains Control ambient made especially for recording beautiful ambient tunes.
Romance?, Space?, Atmosphere? Soundtrack?. No problem!
Take it and do it :slight_smile:


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I simple put the hall reverb on my piano track. Then adjust something. And it sound good for me. :smiley:

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There is Una Corda library for Kontakt5 from Native Instruments
Check it out.Really beatiful instrument
But,yes) any one will do )

Una Corda “Piano” ? Yes! Una Corda “Ambient” ? No!

Ambient Piano Library “Ambient” ? Yes!

That’s the whole answer.

There is not just reverb!

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Ambient Film Piano

Ambient Film Piano

There is a difference?

Your work is nice. Hope you get good sale.

As @CycleProduction said with Una Corda you have a ton of presets and you can for sure make the same ambient piano with corporated effects.

@MusicFilmStudio With all respect I don’t want to discourage you but in the forums self-pormotion is against rules, I can suggest you to contact KontaktHub to distribuite your library and eventually get a good amount of sales :slight_smile:

Intresting ambient sound)


I’m using Emotional Piano for ambiant tracks. No need reverb ! It sounds good naturally.

Hey!) Thank you all for the responses and purchases) Hope you like it :blush: