Ambient item rejected: can you give me your feedback? Thank you!

Hi everyone, I’m very interested in your opinion as what made this track hard rejected:
Is it more a matter of mix or some instruments in particular? Could it be AJ is being more selective than in the past and so not excellent tracks get rejected? Thank you!

Too much low frecuencies. The Piano sounds strange. Need more dinamics. When every new instruments get in sounds very loud, try to put some of them in background.
Or u can ask to our Indonesian friend for the most famous template right now in AJ. :grinning:

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Thank you for your feedback.

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Nice track! :slight_smile: it sounds great to me, maybe sometimes unpredictable changes in harmonies?
I have a similiar track also rejected… I used to do ambient tracks following these criteria, and now the most them are approved here:

  • clear melody, not very complex and alternating a lot of notes
  • predictable harmonies, respect the usual structure.
  • not very complex bass line and arpeggiation of staccato strings
  • Don’t finish abruptly a resolution of a tension… give time…
    I hope this can help…
    Sorry for my english … :frowning:
    Good luck with sales/approvals!

Your track need more space, reverb, delay. I think in this case the mixing and mastering require more. Try re-mix it again.
If your music style is ambient. You can listening to this playlist.
Good luck friend.

Thank you Kannonh for your suggestions, I will surely try to adopt some of them, and good luck to you too!

Yes I will try to remix it thinking of your and the other 2 authors’ suggestions, and thank you for the playlist link!

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