amazing drummer performance!

Eric Moore: this guy is just a killer!!
(drum solo starts at 1:00)

Enjoy, cheers from Paris :sunglasses:


That’s great ; I was also interested a lot with drumming (7-8 hour practice sessions in a day)…
My favorite is Steve Gadd (Surely Buddy Rich too)

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:sunglasses: cool :sunglasses:

You see this drum style more and more in popular music, Beyoncé, Justin T, Katy Perry, especially when played live. Really cool!

Great drummer. Let me introduce my favourite drummer - Senri.


That is tight drumming. Great recording sound too :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing!

So what about serving the song?
Just kidding, awesome drum solo! :wink:

Nice :sunglasses:

So many great drummers out there. Here’s one more, Thomas Lang:

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Wow, God gifted talent :slight_smile:

Very Impressive. Believe I’ll reach that level somewhen…