Amazed by the Professionalism of the Envato Market Help Team

As a contributor, I have experienced several sudden refunds from other royalty-free audio sites.
I am very amazed by the Envato Market Help Team’s professionalism in handling my first case of refund in AJ.
He had taken the initiative to personally email me to inform of the reason of the refund and explained that it was an honest mistake from the client’s side instead of leaving me wondering where did the $ go.

Thank you!


hi , indeed, this is good that they help you but the fact of the market is that this refund issue should never happen, normally what is bought is bought that’s not a guy deal anyway when we see the prices are being considered … refund things are hurting authors, despite any kind of reply that u may have, u are never that either the guy is not using the thing that “he bought” or that he doesn’t do even worst , if u know what i mean … . I guess that this is a bit like what happens in the supermarkets, envato should have an insurance and make sure that authors do not have to deal with any kind of refund

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Ah… sorry n2n44, my bad for not explaining in detail. He informed me that the client purchased the wrong license (Standard) when in fact, the client should have bought a slightly more expensive license (Broadcasting, i think).

But you’re right about those clients who buy and buy and suddenly refund. There is no way for me to check if they really did or will not use the tracks that were purchased… sigh…

yes this is the problem that almost all of us have already faced …

Glad you had a great experience! :smile: I just had to remove the Help Team member’s name (just so he doesn’t get a big ego :stuck_out_tongue: )


LOL … No worries KingDog! :wink:

Although I’m digging the Ballad of the Unknown Man :smiley:

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very funny comment, thanks for the humor :wink: