Am under brand-attack and exortion

Dear folks,

Am under brand-attack and exortion from one of envato users.
Codecanyon disabled his account because he is from IRAN and came to us to solve his issue !!
That user keep posting comments in my page and i cannot report his comments or remove it.

I already opened Service Request with Envato from more that 24 Hours and no one is replying till now.
My product page is now full of unwanted comments, also new e-mail every minuate with new comment from that user.

Any recommendations?

frankly speaking I have no idea how to fight it, I hope Envato team will handle it shortly, @SolutionsBricks,
let us know how it goes later.

Do not reply to him. :slight_smile: Just flag his comments for spam and ignore.
Buyers will not avoid your script simply because of one spammer who has too much free time.
Envato can take more than a week to reply (that’s a standard here at Envato!)

Thank you for reply.

I cannot flag the comments, When post flag comment, Comment still appear !

Thank you for reply :slight_smile: Hope Envato take action ASAP