Am Still Waiting...Envato NOT Proceeding Forward With Awarded Refund

To whom it concerns,

On December 23, 2019 11:21 PM, I received a message that read:
""With regards to your concern, as per checking the refund for Avada has already been provided to your PayPal email on ticket #1739359.

While on the item Silicon theme, it is still being checked on ticket #1739448 the support that is handling your concern will contact you once the refund has been processed. “”

…Only after emailing again, did I hear back.

This is what he said on December 26, 2019 8:12 PM:
““As I have checked the ticket #1739448 is still showing open as it is still being reviewed. Someone will get back to you on this one.””

…And now after not hearing for several days (tomorrow will mark 1 full week, by the way) I messaged again and again. No one - not a single person - has gotten back to me yet, and I do no know what else can be done. …So I am turning to this forum.

…A refund should not take this long to process. One refund was handled in a matter of days, yet the remaining two (Silicon + Instant Q&A) have not been refunded back to my original payment method.
Silicon, I believe, back to PayPal, and a refund for Instant Q&A, I believe, back to my payment card. Worst of all, no one is responding, no one is following up and addressing the issue.

…I, nor anyone else, in my position should have to endure with what has been gone on.

…Will someone, anyone here from the Envato team please help with issuing the refunds in question?



The delay in returning your funds may be due to the Christmas holiday, I am sure that the issue will be resolved soon.


Hello, @hellhat

I am really hoping that is the case.

But what am I to do? Who am I to contact if the funds are not returned back to my original payment methods after the Holiday?

Read the information about the refund, if you are sure of the reason for the refund, then contact Envato support, they will be happy to help you. I don’t think you have anything to worry about, so enjoy the Christmas holidays

Have a nice day!