Am l allowed to request help from ppl here whilst l'm creating a song? i.e. The song grows out of ppl's advice

Am l allowed to request help at each stage of song creation, so that the song is the result of many different people’s advice from one stage of the song to the next all the way to completion?

By song, l don’t actually mean a proper song, l mean, just a piece of audio to submit to Audiojungle or any similar place.

What kind of help are you looking for? I tried looking at your portfolio to gauge what kind of help you might need but it seems you have not submitted anything yet.

Hi there, l was thinking of posting a short audio sample, & then getting suggestions for developing it further.

But without any ceremony as the finished piece will still likely be rejected, so this has to all be light hearted without any expectations or seriousness hehe.

Why not create the track first and then seek advice?

I feel l would function best if l compose reactively rather than on own initiative. Besides, l think it’s a more direct route to get advice before, rather than after.

Surely creating begins with oneself within this marketplace rather than a collaborative process. I do a lot of tracks with another fellow author who lives on the other side of the world and it begins with one of us with a basic track and it then gets bounced back and forth over a couple of days - works well for us or is it a confidence thing as you mention rejection>

Like @gballx I don’t think it’s really something you would want to rely on but I think it’s an interesting idea to try, I don’t think I’ve seen it here before. Probably nothing wrong with it… worst case the mods remove your post, give it a try!

Thanks for the replies guys. I actually pitched it as a site suggestion, that there be some sort of “remix” / “RMX” license, so people can build up a collaborative editing tree.

Re: composing by oneself, even when l know what the structure should be like, l find it hard to emulate song structure.

Also l have mixtape-itis, despite being able to point out the exact same problem in others. That is, when a composition sounds like a DJ mixtape rather than an individual song itself.

Hi Cthone_Nectar!

To become a composer is not easy, and something that takes a lot of practice. The same with recording and producing.

The only way to get there is by doing it. It seems you are spending a lot of time trying to come up with ways to not actually have to learn how to do it.

The only way to learn is by writing 100 songs. 500 songs. They won’t be that good at first, but that’s where we all started. Just make sure you try to finish the song. Then start another one.

After a week or more, listen to your finished songs, and it might be a little more clear each time what you need to improve.

Along with that, you will stumble upon all the possible recording, mixing, and mastering problems that we all encounter.

Being able to do this professionally is something that takes a lot of work and time, and if this is what you want, I suggest you start now.

Best of luck!


Ofc you are allowed to request help and I bet many ppl will willingly share their knowledge, experience and time, but if your song becomes a huge hit they all might want to get compensation, hahaha :slight_smile: So it’s better to choose Flumen’s route - just hone your skills and be patient. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Yep, l liked Flumen’s post. I am indeed just procrastinating. I was even thinking of starting a non-meme cat pic thread, but now l see this is just more procrastinating.

Enjoy hearing other ppl’s works on here though.

What appeals to me about this type of music format (short pieces, 5 seconds to 120 seconds long) is that there’s no grand storyline necessary, so l don’t have to pretend my heart bleeds each time, l could just outpour the main motif (all l’m really interested in) and leave it at that.

(but even then, l can’t escape the question of beginning, middle, end)

I have noticed recently that you have posted a number of new posts and written some lengthy replies to authors’ threads. Would it not be more prudent to use this time to create some music instead?