am I the only person get lost in Envato World

What is going in ENVATO???

I have an account in envato market, able to buy themes, blah…blah…!!
Is this account is only for Web Themes & Templates?
If I click on CODE, I am no more login.
If I click on Video, I am no more login.
like this crap image

Do I need to have seven 7 separate accounts on this crap website?

And where the hell is ENVATO support link, email address, phone number, real office address.


No, you don’t need several accounts, simply click the “login” button when you change marketplace, it will automatically log you with the already used account.

Here is the link to contact Envato support : Submit a request – Envato Market Help Center

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Use the link below to login all of the marketplaces with the same password/username

It’s cookie issue

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Thanks folks, it was a cookies issue.
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