Am I the only one who thinks tech support is excellent?

Aaah, I have no time to post this here. But I wanted to open a small topic. Isn’t the Envato team really flawless? What kind of responses do you expect from the technical support team when you have a problem with any subject? Don’t expect anything or simply think. Already these guys offer support that we could not imagine. Advertising smells can come in your nose lol. But no, I’m a author too, and I wanted to express my happiness.

Several times I’ve had problems with buyers; but the buyer had no right to receive a refund. I denied it. But at the buyer’s insistence, they made a refund and did not take this fee from me; they sent from their own profits. Isn’t it really beautiful? Unlike other companies, they look like a company that doesn’t treat you as if you were a dollar.

We must not forget their gentle and sweet communication. As if you are talking to a very sincere friend; When sending an e-mail about a question, you will get very nice answers if you ask how are you. (The answer I got 5 minutes ago! There are hundreds of them like this.)

Hello Levi, how are you?
I hope your days are going with high energy and motivation.

Hello Fazıl,
I’m doing good. Thank you for asking! I trust that you’re also doing well. I hope and pray that you and your family and friends are safe and healthy during this time of crisis. Take care!

I guess a love is born within me for this team hahah. I have to send a farewell message to my girlfriend lol

I think seller commissions must be increased by 1% and must be given a raise to these guys hahahah

There is also Will. The whole team is excellent but my memory of name is not very good.

I am sending love energy to the entire Envato team.

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