Am I shadowbanned?

Right Ladies & Gents,

So about a few months ago, I submitted a track that I felt was a pretty good track, and has even been played on TV already before. Despite this, it was rejected, so I asked on the forum what people’s opinions are on why it was rejected, and the general consensus was that the reviewer might have been having a bad day.

Fast forward to now, and I’ve worked really hard on this new track, and was really proud of it, to still get rejected. I feel that it meets all the quality standards, and every other track I’ve submitted has also been rejected, so I’m really struggling to understand if I’m just delusional about the quality of my tracks, or if I’ve been shadowbanned (the first few tracks I submitted weren’t as good as the two tracks I’m talking about here, so they might have flagged me after those?)

There’s a lot of submissions at the moment, so I wouldn’t be surprised if not everyone is getting a fair shot, especially a new account without any songs on the website like myself. Although again, maybe these tracks aren’t as good as I thought, so let me know what you all think!

The new Track (Rejected):

The Older Track (Also Rejected):

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Hey, just a suggestion: be careful about the arrangement of the tracks you are sending to AudioJungle, try making a track by taking some best seller as your reference, just try to kind of cover the arrangement of it just for practice, notice when the new melodies and parts are coming in and for how long as per bars. Most of my tracks were rejected in the start because of the arrangement I feel, so that’s what I did, and some rejections also got in later on after working on the arrangement. Also try comparing your mixes to the best sellers and try to get that quality if it’s possible. Your music is otherwise quite different and interesting.


You can check some of my tracks as well if that helps.


Thanks for the advice mate! I’ll be sure to give that method a go, and see what I can come up with!

I guess I’ll have to go back to the storyboard and try out some new stuff for now

Best of luck with all your future tracks too!


Hey Peter, first off that Funk Shop track has an awesome vibe and groove! if anything if I was going to be picky about it I would cross reference another commercial/ stock music track to check your mix. Cause on my end Im hearing the high frequencies cutting through too much, and thats making the track feel unbalanced from a mix stand point. Also the start with the trumpet stab as it slides in to start the track is a little jarring. Its the right sound just have to blend it in so it doesn’t slap you in the face so hard.

Then the structure of it like Stock_Cmmercial mentioned, you have some great elements and groove running in it but they like to see a form of structure to the track. I know it a pain the back side to get rejected after all the hours you have put into the track! believe me I know, cause I still get my tracks rejected from time to time. Just keep going dude and don’t get rid of that track! there is magic there for sure.



Cheers for the help! I’ll try having another look at the mix in that case and see about maybe restructuring it.

You’re certainly right about it being a pain in the backside though, but hey ho, I’ll just have to keep trying I suppose!

Thanks again, I really appreciate the advice mate!


The Funk Shop is a really cool track! Mix is unbalanced, but with a little work on that, it will be an awesome track.


Nice work on the Funk Shop, Peter!

If I was you I would do the following:

  • replace snare drum with something more punchy and fitting, check this track for reference,
  • get rid of the brass from the intro,
  • make the build-up part (0’31’’ – 0’50’’) shorter and repeat the main section (0’03’’ – 0’30’’) with some slight variations before getting to the outro.

The kick sounds a tad bit too clicky for me, but that’s just nitpicking. Other than that, good job!


Does the ’ funkshop’ broadcasted before ? In a commercial or else? The song is basically a copy of Funk’d Up by Reaktor Production from another competitor RF market.I am not sure if the policy agrees to post links from there.


Thanks for the in depth advice and kind words! I’ll definitely give all of that a try while I’m reworking it, and hopefully I’ll come out with something good!

I’ll give it a try knocking off some of the click from the kick with an eq too and see what I get!

Cheers mate

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As @Soundtrickz said, this is pretty much a direct lift of another song, with some additives and edits. The algorithm that checks audio can easily identify this. Continuing this practice might very well “shadow-ban” you if too many unoriginal (aka remixed versions of existing songs) are found.


So I have actually heard that song before quite a while ago, although I forgot about it. When I first started on Funkshop I gave Funk’d up (along with a load of other songs) a listen to get my mind in the right state, and I must have subconsciously taken a lot of ideas without meaning to, so that’s my bad

In terms of the production, I reckon that I’m fine, as it’s a pretty standard Funk production style, but there’s definitely a couple of times where the bass line is a too similar, so I’ll have to make adjustments to fix that, so thanks for pointing it out, I wouldn’t have noticed that otherwise!

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Hi. Thats a very known issue of composers and producers.We are listening to something, got stuck in the head and the very next track is a replica of that song.But this cannot change the facts.Plagiarism is plagirism.That is not a direct accusation. Just the way the law is.The main element of ‘funked up’ is the bass line and the chord progression.Which are not similar, but exactly the same as your track.I really suggest to abandon this track. I know is hard because you probably attached to it emotionally and you put a lot of work on it, but it will save you from a lot of trouble in the future.Good luck there.

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And RIP my english also…

Thanks, I’ll have to take that on board. I’ll see what I can salvage from the drums and whatnot from the track, but , I ofcourse don’t want to end up stealing anyone elses ideas, so I’ll have to let this one go I think, as you suggested. Cheers again mate

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Good luck further. Keep up !

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:innocent: nice

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The main issue is mixing IMO

The funk track is cool but it sounds too thin. Needs more sub and low mids. Also better drum samples.

Sunny skies sounds like a demo. Like it’s not mixed at all. The lead synth is too loud and dry, the drums sound small, etc.

Try focusing on improving your mixing and production skills by comparing your tracks to best sellers and also watch courses and tutorials