Am I missing something?


Original: [MOD: links removed]

Copy: [MOD: links removed]



I’ve removed the links, no calling out items or authors in the forums please. But one thing to note… did you notice that both items are by the same author? Sure, they are very similar, but there are differences and different functionality between the two items. If two different authors had uploaded the same items, then that would definitely raise a few eyebrows, but if it’s the same author, the item is approved, and there’s a place for both items on the marketplace… then happy days!

Sometimes the best person to copy is yourself! You know how much work went into the original item, how much money it’s made you, and what it has made you compared to your other items… so you’ll know whether it’s worth being ‘inspired’ by some of your existing work, or going for something news.

Like my US Map Kit. Relatively simple, although time consuming, but has been selling really well… so I’m doing a bunch of other countries. The preview videos are all exactly the same, just with a different country. Same scenes, same music, same colours etc.