Am I missing something in my download?

I recently purchased a lower thirds pack and when I go to download it and extract it all I get is 3 MOV files. No template, No project file just simply 3 MOV files which I basically cant do anything with. So my question is, is this kind of thing normal did I misunderstand what I was purchasing or was there some type of mess up and if so can I get a refund. By the way I have reported this and still haven’t heard anything back from any type of support. Also the lower thirds pack I purchased is called “Corporate Smooth Lower Third 2015”

Support will get back to you within 48 hours normally, but I am guessing it’s either a mistake from the author or the files weren’t meant to be there, you could contact the author for clarification as well

Thank you, I actually just contacted the author so hopefully things get worked out.

Yeah, there’s no After Effects project with that item. If lower thirds are in the Motion Graphics section then they usually won’t have an AE project with them, unless the description states otherwise. If they’re in the AE section then they will, and they’ll have a “Compatible with After Effects version…” note in the description/item details.

I agree it can be a bit confusing as some do and some don’t… but in the author’s defence he does state exactly what is included and doesn’t make any mention of After Effects. An easy mistake to make though.

Support might give you a refund if you’re lucky… but you could always contact the author and see if he has the After Effects file.

So how would one go about altering the MOV file to be used in a video? Like how can I add my own text to it what program would I need? and I was under the impression that a project file/template file of some sort would be included and not MOV files but maybe im supposed to use these MOV files…but yeah I don’t know.