Am i getting scammed?

someone offered me to buy half of my portfolio. i said okay. they sent agreement(this is exactly what we talked no scam in here), want me to sign and send my id’s photo. + asking my payoneer id and mail to pay me. is there any way they can steal my payoneer or sth?

There’s no reason for you to provide photo id to get paid.

FYI - If you sell the items to someone else - they will not be able to upload them to their account once once they have already been for sale on yours.

they asked id for agreement. and the deal is i am giving all the rights of my tracks and will delete from audiojungle.

It does not sound entirely sketchy but still not sure why they need a photo id.

So the buyer wants the rights to the music but not to sell on envato?

Even if you do remove it from envato you cannot stop previous buyers from legitimately using it (within envato licensing) regardless of your agreement with this new buyer.

in agreement there is buyers id’s scans.
they sent agreement 10 days ago and always delaying the trade for some reason. delaying part looked suspicious to me after making a deal.

they said they will use it for another project i dont know what.

i dont know much abour licensing but they probably tought of that. is it wrong to use somewhere else if i deleted from envato. they are basically non exclusive after i delete. so its open to another platforms?

If you are handing over the ability for them to use the content how/where they want, including potentially uploading it to another marketplace, then I hope you are getting a BIG pay out for that.

It’s not your issue, but whenever we’ve seen something like this before, the buyer seems to forget that previous purchases/licenses still stand regardless of them buying the author out.

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okay thank you, i will give information to them.
i am actually getting very small :D. to be honest 10 usd for each track(they only want logo tracks). but they are not selling anymore anyways + i lost my hope to stock markets. subscription models and ai covered that and i dont get any share from it sadly.

do you think going non-exclusive and uploading tracks to other platforms better idea?

I do not know much about the audio market but would expect minimum hundreds if not thousands of $ per item to hand over unrestricted access.

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i can sell you 11usd each if you want :grin:. the market is dying and tracks only sell for 5usd price tag. author earns 0.64$ for 5 usd sales. i dont know maybe i am too pesimistic. i can produce 10 logo tracks a day anyways if i see it worths something in future.

thanks for the replies.

It’s obviously a scam. Who would want to invest in audio assets these days? Makes no sense whatsoever.

Also, you’re willing to sell all rights for $10??!! On top of being insanely out of touch with reality, this is infuriating! What the hell?


what is wrong with that?

This is why AudioJungle is dying, people willing to place a cheap price tag on their cheap items. If you want to sell the rights to your work put a proper price on it.

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i started to do those logos just 1 month after i got my daw. spent 10 mins max each. i think everyone can do that and thats why market is going down. because its so easy to do with daw and few synths. i dont see anything wrong with price really.

i am not talking about real tracks here. i have seen some authors being very top of their game and got no sales at all. this is whole different story.

i mean i can produce 20x logo tracks a day. if anyone offered me 5 usd each i will still accept it. but if 10 people offered 5 dolars each i will start to ask more. this is supply and demand thing. there is no demand for it. you guys still want to believe you are doing something very valuable but what you dont realize is %99.9 authors here nothing special almost everyone with daw can do what they do.

I am a videohive author, and I received an email of interest in purchasing my entire portfolio as well… and when I read it, I already realized it was a scam… they probably want to steal your data, we are already victims of piracy, now we have to be careful with our payment details… I replied with a big No! stay tuned!

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now i am sure that is a scam. they have my e-mail, payoneer id and mail i am using there, my phone number and my id’s front side. what should i do now?

Change the email associated with the account and if possible your Payoneer ID.


do i need to change anything here in envato?

Can’t see why you would but best option is to ask Envato Author Support