am I authorised to use the same piece of music on 11 episode videos that deal with the same topic?

hi! I’m a video editor and I regularly pay an annual subscription of $ 174 excluding taxes. I made for a doctor who has his own youtube channel a series of 11 episodes in all, concerning 1 topic. so I used the same song on all 11 episodes, the song is YouTube Content ID registered by Sourceaudio and is also P.R.O affiliated by United States ASCAP. Now some episodes that the doctor has published, only 4 out of 11 uploaded to youtube do not allow youtube to advertise. The song is called Virtual Tour By Brownhousemedia. I have read Envato help regarding the use of the license and how to communicate to youtube that the license is active. But I wonder if I am authorised to use the same piece of music on 11 episode videos that deal with the same theme and if so, do I have to upload the license on the doctor’s youtube channel 4 times once per video?

Contact directly to the author by audiojungle´s profile.
To whitelist the channel.

What are you talking about? Why should the author whitelist the channel?

One license = One use.

On Elements there is no series policy.
So no, @losung you are not allowed to use the same license for 11 videos. You need to register each use, and thus have 11 licenses. This is the only way for the author to be paid accordingly. This doesn’t change anything to what you have to pay, just a bit more paperwork.

Or you can use Audiojungle instead of Elements. For AJ there is a series policy which allows you to use one license for up to 52 episodes (within a year) of a same series (same topic, same format,…)

Thanks! @PurpleFog and @Manriquedelara , in fact, it also seemed to me from what I’ve read that it is more a problem of procedure on youtube, and not of money. Actually, of 11 videos published with the same soundtrack, youtube reported only 4 and this is not clear to me, why didn’t it also happen for the others and only on these 4 videos? I don’t have access to my client’s youtube channel so I have some understanding difficulties, besides the English language and a bit of healthy ignorance… Another doubt I have, who has to publish the videos in question: the doctor,my client, does not monetize, so hypothetically it would not be a problem not to have the license uploaded to youtube, right? but the doctor wondered if by advertising the video and running it with google ads, rather than with paid ads on facebook, he could encounter problems or be blocked. Thanks again and in advance for the answers!