Am I allowed to use anything I download from this site on my YouTube videos?

Hello friends.

I just signed up tonight. I read through the terms of use, but a lot of that went over my head. Basically I have a YouTube channel, can I use any of the stock footage I download from here on my videos risk free? Or are there specific tags or something I have to look for with the videos when searching the site? Obviously I can’t market or sell these videos I download as my own, but there’s no issue with having this stock footage in my videos and then later down the line monetising my videos?

Can I use one piece of stock footage across multiple YouTube videos? Or do I have to download the footage again for every specific YouTube video I use?

Also, I’m guessing I have to credit envato in my description for using the stock footage?


Hi. You can use any stock footage on your channel and monetize it. But every time you need acces to the source file ( stock footage) you need to add the license again in your downloads in envato elements or purchase a new license if you downloaded your video from Videohive. Also for the stock video from Videohive there is a multi-use license. Credits are not mandatory.

For a logo reveal its possible.

Just do not forget to mention original creators (links, their social networks) so it won’t look like you plagiarize someone.