Always rejected, anyone else?

Is there someone who couldn’t upload the tracks because the reviewers keep rejecting them? I made 5 new tracks and they rejected them all, I’m trying with other ones. In more than one month I couldn’t upload anything yet, it’s very frustrating.


My last 5 were rejected and I do not know what to do…

Keeeeeep pushing guys, don’t give up. At any cost try to make a better songs, at least enough to make it through. Also got few rejects, but it helps me to make sure my items becomes better and better.


Hello. Don’t be discouraged. Almost 2 years ago I was in the same situation like you. All my tracks were rejected. However I’m not a big seller here yet but I’ve learnt a lot. Try to ask better authors, engineers, musicians what they use, how they work etc. I’m sure that you will find someone to help. Of course listening, practicing is important as well but sometimes is possible to make things go faster. Simply ask !

Audiojungle adventure can be divided into 3 parts : ( for new authors, and not experienced engineers )

First - All rejections

Second - All approved - random sales or no sales at all

Third - All approved - big sales :slight_smile:

Be honest with yourself, improve your work and I’m sure you will be happy soon here.

All the best !


3 tracks in a row were rejected. But finally we have after long time new approval. :slight_smile:
Still it is disappointing.