Alternatives to "Scope" wordpress theme?

Ages ago I purchased a theme called Scope by Themezilla which is now quite broken with the latest Wordpress, can’t make any changes. Is there any comparable theme that can use the Portfolio entries I made in Scope? Every time I test a new theme it breaks the portfolio sections.

The theme should be updated soon. You could contact the theme author for the request. If you don’t want to wait and get a quick solution, you can purchase one of my services. I’d be happy to fix the problem.

Well, considering the theme has laid dead/dormant now for several years, I doubt there are any updates on the horizon. I’m just looking for a new theme that can incorporate the Portfolio entries I’ve already made.

If the portfolio posts were made by theme’s own plugin (or by the theme itself) then no other theme will be compatible with them out of the box. However you can use a plugin like to switch your existing portfolio post type to different one. But that will convert only core stuff like title, content, featured image, maybe categories. Also, if your current portfolio posts are created by the theme and not a plugin, it will be much harder since you will lost access to them when you switch to a different theme and won’t be even able to use that switching plugin.

If this is all too advanced for you then consider hiring a freelancer (for example on

Great information, thank you!