Alternative versions and Content Id!

Hello friends!

My question is simply and maybe not very smart, but here it goes:

Do you register (upload to your Content Id service) every single version (short, long, no vocals…) of an track or just the main version is enough? Do you generate different ISRC’s for different versions or just one ISRC for the main version? And why?

Thank you!

It’s better if you upload all versions. But keep in mind that only tracks above 30 seconds can be identified by AdRev (what a bummer!).

It should be one ISRC for all versions. BTW I do not fill the ISRC field, it’s optional. I’m not sure but now it looks like AdRev has no connection with PROs so no ISRC needed.

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Thank you, @RedOctopus !!

Do you know if the “30 second minimum” rule only applies to AdRev or is the standard for every service?

I know only about AdRev.

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adrev is not connected to PRO’s (BMI in my case) ? I thought all content id platforms were able to report the usage of your tracks