AltaCV Feedback need! Hard reject

can you tell me your feedback about AltaCV theme?


I think if you make your item more similar to original it’ll be more successful :wink: :ok_hand:

Oh, the design isn’t mine. I hired a designer for that. Thanks for linking me that. I should fire my designer. I’m sorry

I’m sorry but you should fire your developer too. I’ve checked the code and found stolen classes names and code structure there.

Oh! Never noticed. The designers developed the theme in the html too

F**k, I could lost my items for that.

I am a developer, but I am not able to draw a theme and develop it. I am a backend web dev so I’m looking for any webdesigners.

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Could you provide your designer’s contacts?

Yes, I can.

Great. Could you please send contacts to a private messages? :wink: