Also rejected

With respect, these are a long way off the standard for here.

  • I’m not sure if it is just that the whole image is stretched (this would be a big no no in review) or if the icons themselves are not actually circular but they appear too wide?

  • That aside there are numerous problems with spacing, alignment etc.

  • In several circle icons the spacing and top/bottom/left/right is not even esp. 1st and 5th ones

  • It’s the same with the icon circles and the margin around them to the blue container which is also not consistent

  • The typography in the second set is not good

  • Descriptions in the second set not spaced enough and too close to the icon

  • Icons themselves in the second set don’t align to the left with the descriptions

If you are going with such a small set of items then there is absolutely zero room for anything short of pixel perfect design and attention to detail

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