Alo Pizzaro Theme. Inserts admin information and changes backend. I can no longer login.

Theme: Pizzaro Food Responsive Magento 2 Theme | RTL supported by alotheme

Installation doesn’t work. Database sample overwrites administrative info and changes backend login info. Probably also gives a unsupervised back door to the theme creator. It’s obvious no one with honorable intentions would release or write a theme in such a fashion.

Do not install if you want to retain control of your installation. This is not an honorable software application.

We have not been able to access our site since installing this them. In fact it just forwards me to the admin uri of the theme creator instead of my own backend which is probably an attempt to steal credentials.

The theme also overwrites .htaccess and all local settings so it could hurt any installers security from the “rip”. I can see in the support thread where the theme creator is telling people to consult their host when the bad .htaccess files appear. That is definitely a place to start looking for bad intentions.

Specifically the way the creator designed the installation package is going to cause server environment issues by over-writing existing htaccess files without noting the important contents that were already inside it. I can’t believe this is professional. I checked the database and found an admin user created for None of this is the behavior of a trustworthy author.

I don’t even begin to know how to fix this now.


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!