allowed to use Asset CC BY 4.0



Am I allowed to use an asset CC BY 4.0 ( which is sourced at The articles on Envato seem to point to Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) so was not sure,

Many thanks


You won’t be able to base your item on one of these templates, and “free” items tend to be a long way from the required so you may end up spending more time correcting and adapting what is there.

All items submitted here need to be original but can use frameworks like bootstrap etc.



So “The licenses you CAN use with market items are:
Attribution, CC BY” found at
Is not applicable to that source as it has the licence mentioned ? if not what other CC BY assets are excluded.

I agree that its no where near what is required but surely we can use it as a base for the design not necessarily the coding. Attribution would be for the design and further coding would be applied to enhance.


You’d need to speak to support for absolute clarity but I remember cases where people used items like this and had items removed and other issues because the website distributing them were just sharing items which they had no right to do so. If this was to happen then an author could face serious implications regardless of what that other site says.

If design is not your thing then you would be much better off finding a PSD designer on envato to partner with esp. as those would be approved designs