Alliance Theme, Activating Elements

I recently purchased the Alliance theme for an internal company Intranet.

My server is in-house (local, I administer it) and I have set up MySQL 8.0.19, Apache 2.4, PHP 7.4, and WordPress 5.4. It took a little while but I got that all set up and running a basic site. From there I figured I’d want something that looked less like a blog and a little more professional.

I bought and installed the Alliance theme, activated it - and I can see the menus and other basic aspects, but the advanced features I was interested in are absent. When I went to the documentation to figure out how to add them ( it talks about a folder structure I don’t see, file names I can’t find, and shows off a lot of panels/widgets that I can’t activate.

How does a WordPress 5.4 user with Alliance installed actually use the features shown on the site? If I could find a way to activate just one thing - like, for example, the User Group Widget, I could probably sort out how to get anything else in from there.

I just feel like there’s a piece of the puzzle missing here that I can’t find. Once I know where it is, I should be able to solve this myself. I hope.

Thank you!

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