All time slow sales

Did any of the old authors noticed low sales also? This last 2 monrhs sales dropped. I dont believe is the excuse of halloween for 2 months

Sales for September were slow, but October has been one of my best months, mainly due to Halloween.

If Halloween was taken out, it would have been about the same as Sep,.


For me both months are rock bottom. I hope this stops soon or i see a blurry future in GR

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Sales have slow for a longer time now. Compared to previous years GR is down and if continues like this there is no future here. Every new thing as Elements or tax or… killing GR,TF,AJ,CC. It’s enough to look category top monthly autors compared with last year the sales in the fall by more than 50%.


+1 on that. I have to agree…

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They pay so much attention to competitions and other things than to control the over-population in the market and to make new ad campains to bring new traffic .

I do not know if it will be better or not but I feel no one cares for this (Elements is a priority).

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The competition people handle the competitions… the over-population people and the ad campaign people handle the over-population and the ad campaigns. It’s not like they say to the marketing manager “Dave, drop everything you’re doing… we need a new competition, stat. Put all the marketing on hold for now.”

as it seems is what they are doing for now as all i see is competitions and more competitions! Also they dont do something to control the population of authors here and anyone can come and be author as a result the marketplace to be filled with “medium” works! not wanting to be offensive to anyone but i have seen some work accepted that is not up to standards! and the competitions of style do this and win a budge hmmm is not a little to childish and pointless?

What would you suggest?

to close the down the registry as author for some time to contain the population and to control the quality easier.

Seems a bit unfair. What if the next Themefusion is out there wanting to sign up… can’t… and goes elsewhere? It is a fix, but it’s not a solution to the actual problem you’re describing. I mean, shutting down Envato completely would fix the issue… in fact, it would probably fix every issue every author has ever complained about… but it’s maybe a bit extreme!

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Y is it unfair and if they go to other place what is the problem? When someone wants to get in the marketplace they will try in later point also. If this situayion continues the authors will be more than the buyers and this is called market control.