All this things got rejected


hi for the roll ups i used to tell u why … so why coming to ask again about it? i do not get it … otherwise, sorry to say just this because no doubt that u did your best but actually the illustration are sort of outdated in terms of style … they look a bit mid way between two interesting style but failing in both side to offer the trendy appearance that these trendy styles turn out to have … this is neither pixel-like style not 3d or flat modern illustration indeed and at this stage apart from the very first one i think that these illustrations have very limited potential as such … u should inspire from great illustrators from this roster … check at @memoangeles or @ddraw 's portfolios …


what about the postcard.
and thanks btw

I appreciate your perseverance but every time you post here I cannot see any improvement. Go to take some graphic design classes improve your skills and define your personal style. No one can help you here more then already did.


for the postcard this is probably the best one so to speak, though the balance in the organization and text is not optimized and could be better indeed , some texts or elements could pop out more and offer more contrast with the background and u also failed to play with the shape u have created to organize text blocks in a more original way indeed. pay attention to give more space to texts by taking them a bit more away from the edge …

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most of the people fail to realize the importance of learning by seeing other people do … this is not only inspiring in terms of creativity but this is also a very good approach to learn additional techniques and to analyze them so that they can be used in a different way …