All the photos "lost" when imported XML file on WP BRIDGE theme

Good news!!
Céline did it. She uploaded the DB properly with NO issue on her local drive.

But all the galleries are still empty, because all the photos’ IDs have been changed/renamed.

And that’s what we need today: a solution to rebuild quickly the links to the new IDs…

And even if we find a solution, we’re still not sure at that point that the migration on MY server will be fine…

During this time I may lose contracts because of my empty website, ne references anymore… :roll_eyes:

Thanks a Lot.

When importing an XML file from another site onto a WP BRIDGE theme, many photos appear to be lost. This problem is seemingly caused by the way that the WordPress import function handles photo galleries.

When importing an XML file, WordPress looks for any images that have the attribute src=“”. If an image doesn’t have this attribute, it will be assumed to be a link and it will be deleted during the import process.

We did the transfer from WP to WP with the same issue.
We are still trying to find/create a script to rename more quickly the 2000 ish « lost » photos.
I just lost a contract with a new client because I couldn’t show him my « corporate galleries »… This situation is a nightmare for a single-artist-mum…

Again the pics followed during the migration, but they all have been renamed by WP so all the links to the pics are broken…


It seems logical to me (albeit that it will take time) AND ASSUMING your actual site even works (I guess it does but you are saying images are not showing) that you would spend time going through every page and adding back in the images that way.

I only say this because 25 days ago you first posted this issue, and now 25 days on and you are still wondering how to solve the problem.

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Exactly, still have the same issue: most of the photos don’t exist anymore… (I’ve lost 4 years of photo-documentaries and personal pics in a Synology NAS 3 years ago, mainly my corporate work when I was living in California… :confused:)

And talking about doing the manipulation page by page, gallery after gallery, I don’t even think it’s possible since, as I wrote higher, I don’t see any « link/path » instead of the missing photos. I only see empty spaces… With no name I mean.
So how could I guess what pic was there??
Only a coder can find the path back (in the code)… :unamused:
And it will take him/her forever…

So yes, Im still waiting for my friend Céline to find a magical script… :pray:t2:

Otherwise it’s more than several contracts that I will lose during this time…