All the photos "lost" when imported XML file on WP BRIDGE theme

Please I really need some help. I have just lost 15 years of work.

After uploaded/saved then migrated my 10Go website (from OVH to OVH) my webmaster imported this large XML file with ALL the content of my website. The pages seem ok (a bit of work on the menu, logo, footer…) but NONE picture has followed in the LIBRARY/MEDIA file…

I have like 20.000 photos to add manually which is just IMPOSSIBLE (3 years ago it took me 6 months that I don’t have right now, and I am a single mum…)

All the pathes are correct but the pictures are all missing!

“Can’t find the INI file”

Would you have a trick/tip/idea/suggestion for my webmaster and I?
Is it because of a plugin that we need to removed/disconnect?

What can we do? I DEFINITELY need to work and have a few new clients who NEED to see my work ASAP…

Please help… Thanks a lot.

Emma (in France).

Any tips here please?? It’s really urgent…

It’s tough because your webmaster (who presumably created the export and will be most familiar with both your old and new website) would be the person to resolve this.

Have you cleared your cache?

Are the image files there and just not pulling into the pages or are they not even made it across in your media library?

Depending on that the potential issue and solution would be very different.

You could reach out to the theme author and see if they are willing to help (for reference installation etc is not covered by support but they are a big author who may well be willing to help).

Otherwise people like @baileyherbert or @mgscoder are sometimes in these forums and are some of the most proficient and knowledgeable experts on the marketplace who may know what it could be.

Thanks a lot for trying!
Unfortunately, this is way more complicated than a simple cache story.

Issues with galleries while migrating a website on WP is a “known problem”. I’ve been helped by 2 very gifted coders (webmasters), who have been trying to understand why and how something failed. We updated the template, then all the pugins, nothing happened.

It’s not also a problem with the storage space on my OVH server, nor a compatibility with WP or PHP versions.

The 10.000 images all did the move on the new server BUT they have been renamed (and reframed, no more utility for me!), with no visible link so no possibility to look for them and replace them from the WP BAKERY editor (nor any editor else)



I’m not overly confident with Wordpress but if the images did move to the new server, and are online, but are not showing up frontend/backend then I think you need someone who knows how to how to work with phpMyAdmin and run some code to re-link the images back to their original posts.

And assuming you have all the backups, files and images etc, then you could always restart the import process but starting afresh. Delete what you have installed on the new server, including the renamed images, and have another go. Also you would need to “drop all the tables” in the current database, and re-try the import.
@baileyherbert and @mgscoder for some really good technical advice :wink:

I think you nailed it :pray:t2:
I have all the backups yep…
So now my past 3 years working on my website are in the good hands of those 2 people, and I am praying they will be able to create this script and redo all the process…

If they succeed, they could become RICH with it!
It seems there’s NO TOPIC about this whole WP issue on the net, that’s really weird…

Thanks a lot for your time and advice!

One of our devs suggested looking at:

this link Fix wordpress images missing after migration easily

and this link Fixing WordPress Images Not Showing Up After Migration

Apparently there’s something that exists on our hosting (WP Engine) that helps with this process but he didn’t go into detail on what that was


If I recall, when I had to move one of our client wordpress files from one host to another, I disabled on the plugins on the old site first. I then backed up the exisiting database.
I then COPIED ALL THE FILES he had on the server and moved them across without updating anything at that point.

I then imported the old database files into the new database, keeping the same name, same user, password etc.

I found my own help notes which were as follows:

  1. Moving WordPress to a New Server

If you are moving WordPress from one server to another, begin by backing up your data. This includes backing up your WordPress database as well as all the core files, images, plugins, and other files on your site.
Note: If you are changing to a new server but same domain, all you need to do is edit wp-config.php and upload everything as it is to your new server.

  1. Create a New SQL Database and Import the Contents of Your Old One.

  2. Once you have uploaded all the files to the new server, then edit Your Site’s wp-config.php file, and make sure you have now correctly put in the new server connection settings.

And that should be it.
No automation software needed.

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But don’t take my word for it LOL - I’m just trying to be helpful like @charlie4282

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Thanks so much for suggesting options! :pray:t2:
I’ve passed it to my people…
Hopefully they will come soon with the best news of the year!

Hi @Emma31,

I hope your developer will be able to fix the image issue.

Just I would like to mention a few notes (my little try):

  1. I think it is for the same domain then hope your developer used to copy/paste all website content (especially the wp-content folder) and used database export/import options to import the website content/data not XML import options.
  2. please make sure all images (wp-content/uploads/) folder and images you have uploaded in your new hosting.
  3. you have the correct permissions for all images (wp-content/uploads/).
  4. You have the same protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) as the old hosting was, otherwise you have managed the protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) by editing the database export file before importing it to your new hosting PHPMyAdmin.
  5. you have saved the Permalink (wp-admin=>Settings=>Permalinks) in your new hosting wp-admin.


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Hi @mgscoder and thanks a lot!
Just spoke with my developer(s) who already tried everything you said.
The “permissions thing” is not possible though, because the photos’ IDs disappeared in the migration (all renamed from the original DB).

They had 2 issues while re-uploading/migrating the DB again. One of them (Céline) wants to try to import the DB in several times, maybe that way she won’t have any issue.

I am going to try to put here the screens of the 2 issues.

1st issue

2nd issue

First issue: Script timeout passed
Please contact your hosting support for this.

2nd issue: error is SQL syntax
Somehow your export SQL has corrupted and you should to try with the correct SQL. If you have phpMyAdmin access of your old hosting then you can try again or contact your new server hosting support.

Please note: it is very important to collect full database correctly then import to new server. And also need to copy/paste all images from the old server. Maybe your hosting support can help for this. Especially for database copy from the old server.


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We have no solution so far…
Céline tried to import the DB multiple times the past 3 weeks, on 3 differents hostings… Everything failed.

Our last chance seems to be this script that could be created…


For issue 01:
Céline says it’s actually tested on a local drive - so?… :disappointed_relieved:

issue 1 is causing because of issue 2. DB has not exported correctly (corrupted) and DB import not working and taking time. your developer can try to access the old server to collect the DB.

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Already done twice…
Access to the old server will be cut soon by my former webmaster (that’s why we had to migrate my website in the first place :see_no_evil:)
But Céline has downloaded it twice.

And now we are stuck :woman_shrugging:t3:


It’s very sad that you are experiencing these issues, BUT the problem very much lies with your former webmaster who could have helped you more by working with the new web hosting company.

Sometimes, when swapping to another hosting company, there can be the option for asking them to help import and transfer the databases, files etc. I know many years ago I swapped from (dare I say !&! to a new host) and my new supplier was absolutely brilliant at bringing everything over for me.

Listen to what @mgscoder has advised you, and if your new developer cannot work this out for you, then I respectfully suggest you find a better developer. Whatever happens you need to get this backup secure, OR ELSE spend another 6 months putting it right.

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