All previews are down

Getting 403 error in all previews, first tried 15 minutes ago and still having the same problem

Your previews work just fine for me. This usually means your server has some issues. Check with your host for more details. They may have a scheduled maintenance or your server may have some issues.

That wasn’t my preview, every time i clicked on Preview button in any theme/template, i was getting 403 error. So something was wrong on Envato side. Seems to be working now

I have the same problem with any previews.

Are you two on a VPN?

Also, were you browsing a lot of different item previews when the 403 error started occurring, or did you get the error on the first preview you tried?

Hi! I have tested with previews in my products, and of many other previews.

When i switch to another wifi router it works again. It wasn’t like that before