All of My Souce Shared for FREE on Morocco , How can i Stop it ?

Hello , today ive found my code , almost all of my code on RESKIN site , all its for free , how can i stop it …
the site is from morocco , also shared on facebook by him fanspage …

im really sad , that almost all my code there , i cant get my money if like that …

someone can help me to get out from this problem , cause this people i cant get my revenue
how can i block Moroco to buy my code

i think they buy regular license and share it for free , please help me to stop it …
my Item on codecanyon

this is thats site :frowning:

i need time , i need idea , i need graphic , i have spend many time to make souce and the end the source shared for free , i cant eat if it like that :frowning: … please some one can help me to ban moroco to buy my code / my item



You can use this link to submit a DMCA request.



yea… you should send DMCA form to the facebook support

hello thanks for your feedback i ll try this one , thanks

is it work if only i am who send the DMCA report on facebook ?

Facebook should remove pirated content