All of my PPT Hard Rejected? Why?

I uploaded 15 ppt items and it’s the same as the previous ppt. why is everything rejected without a single one qualifying?


There could be several reasons why this happened. Here are a few common reasons why PPT files might get hard rejected on a stock marketplace:

  1. Quality: The PPT files might not meet the quality standards required by the stock marketplace. The files should be well-designed, visually appealing, and have a professional look and feel.
  2. Originality: The PPT files might not be original and might contain copyrighted material that you do not have the rights to use. It’s important to ensure that all elements in your PPT files are original or have been properly licensed.
  3. Relevance: The PPT files might not be relevant to the needs of the stock marketplace customers. It’s important to create files that meet the needs of the customers and match the trends and demands of the market.
  4. Technical issues: The PPT files might have technical issues such as incorrect formatting, incorrect resolution, or other technical problems that prevent the files from being usable.
  5. Incomplete or inaccurate description: The description and keywords you provide for your PPT files should accurately describe the content and features of the files. If the description and keywords are incomplete or inaccurate, it may be difficult for customers to find and use your files.

If you are unsure why your PPT files were hard rejected, you can contact the stock marketplace support team for more information. They should be able to provide you with specific feedback and suggestions for improving your files so that they meet the marketplace standards.

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Sorry but that’s simply not the case. If you were close to approval then you would have got feedback otherwise it’s not possible.

Generally your typography needs improvement, as does the margins of some content and especially the use of white and empty space

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Thankyou for your reply, i try to fix it.

I’am still waiting the best solution,
Is dummy text in description still relevant for content? I try in my PPT with real text.

With respect it’s hard to see from a single image if there may be bigger problems with the typography or attention to detail but:

  • in general it just feels like a lot of different layout options rather than there being a logic to how it all comes together.

  • there’s definitely inconsistency in hierarchy and margins/spacing

  • most of all, the use of excessive empty space is very hard to pull off