All of my Logos got rejected

Hi Guys, can you help me out here.
I’ve been submitting logos and always got rejected

I don’t know whats wrong, i submit these logo with conditioins:

  • no open path/error
  • have editable live text
  • locked background
  • also readme.txt for font names

is it the style? please help me
Thank you

here’s the logo

If you check the latest items, these are a little bit too simple currently.
If you were uploading those couple of years ago, you may got approval but nowadays, you will need either minimal or realistic ( in a 3d way ) logos.

Hi ki-themes,
I guess it’s too simple for this year’s trend. But i still notice simplicity still get accepted
using stroke is more acceptable than using fill color

BTW, thanks for the feedback.

No offense but those logos reminded me 2014/2017.
Things are changing with AI created images and it’s not really hard to create those kinds of logos with AI within few minutes for free.

it’s ok, none taken.
it’s just that i’ve been doing a lot of logos but most of it got rejected.

Hi waqaswilan2026,

Yes, sure! I would love to provide more info regarding this. Hope that we can use this conversation as reference for everyone who face the same problem.

Here’s the structure file and the logo that got rejected (phoenix logo)

Here’s the zip file for upload

inside folder there’s 2 logo : original and inverted

here’s the upload preview

The phoenix, knight and impala graphics were all designed from scratch but you and entirely layered/editable?

Hi charlie4282,
yes, it is vector so it is editable in path and color

here’s the warrior knight logo

Just try to add little bit depth to the images ( not 3d effects but shades ) and try again.
You could also offer “these” versions as variants. Like the Tiger logo you have on your portfolio or different approach as “King Throne”

Yes, i’ll try to tweak these logos as your suggestion
Thank you ki-themes

That’s a good advice, I agree about depth