All of my logo Rejected

all of my logos rejected. Please anybody help me. What can i do now? Here is my others logo design
What is the problem in my logo?

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hi @Saber_Design i advice you to follow somes trends in 2017 also the competition in logo design is very hight , good luck :slight_smile:

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how can I follow trends?

see this logo-trends@2017 ,best logos

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hi buddy , sorry for teh delay indeed i did not attend here for long , as this , even more than the rest, has almost no interest at all anymore

well honestly there is way too much work for u to be at a good level enough and for u to manage to have items approved here … (where this is russian roulette) , lots of guys have all their logos rejected without they have the shadow of a clue why they were … (me included and i am designer for 14 years), this whole review thing is just a joke, if i were u i would pick another place to sell my stuff, period