All my submissions were rejected - need feedback on my next attempt

Hi there

I’m not having much success getting the right commercial sound audio jungle seem to want. This was my last submission:

I submitted this long version and a few shortened versions

This is my next attempt - please provide some honest feedback so I can ensure that this one is not rejected.


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Both sound like solid tracks to me. The mix and sound quality is good enough in my opinion.

The only thing I really would want to hear, as a listener, is more of a build and epic climax. With both these tracks you have really nice quiet sections, but it never really grows and develops enough from that dynamic level. If you were to create a fortissimo climax with strings and brass playing the theme at full volume, with epic percussion hits, it would really emphasize the contrast with the earlier sections and give the composition a full arc. Right now in my opinion that’s the main thing that’s missing.

The only other thing I would do is run it through a limiter just to bring it up to competitive levels with other commercial cinematic music. Obviously don’t over-limit or over-compress, but you still have lots of headroom to work with so I think you could get some more loudness without compromising dynamic range.


Absolutely agree with @add9audio. Sounds really nice but you need more dynamics, expression, to be epic. Learning sound libraries you using could be helpful. Layering, sfx’s helps you too. Try to listen other successful authors, what they using and how. Good luck!

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I am not going to add much here than what the others already have said. The compositions are INCREDIBLE! I could learn orchestration from you actually.
Audiojungle is all about commercial tracks that have a certain dynamic level, big transitions and fx. I honestly think (and this is not something negative) that I am listening to a live performance. Everything is very well done. I would look for ways to achieve that commercial studio sound which sounds a bit more saturated and has fuller.

I am sure if you can produce what we’ve listened to, then you can definitely achieve the quality AJ is looking for.

Best of luck! :slight_smile: