all my logos got rejected ... why? should I just stop designing logos? ...

Here are some of my logos that got rejected … they all were for different projects …
this one just wanted a kind of new look to his 15 years old company

old logo :
AssetsAsset 84

another logo for jewelry-connected products …


another logo for a company that collects data and marketing

another one …

what’s wrong with my designs? I feel other logo designs that won were not got at all and were missy or busy when the client asked for minimalist design …
I seriously started to hate myself … I don’t understand any more

Welcome to Envato Forums - I think what you have done is really good. When you say they got rejected, did you get a hard reject, or advised to make some changes.

It could also depend on how you presented the package to Envato. Other logo designers will be able to advise you but don’t give up :slight_smile:

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I think these (esp. the second) are good.

I question if they are suitable for a stock marketplace though. If you were selling them as one off purchases where the design is then no longer available I would get it, but here, were potentially many buyers could end up with the same design, it dilutes the opportunity.

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Check this link ( Tips for Designing Logo Templates )

  • If you chose to use product mock-up for the main preview image, you must also include a plain version of the design, so customers can see the logo clearly.