All My Logo Rejected. Any Suggestions?

Please I need help

IAlways ask yourself these questions:
Can it be displayed in black and white.
Can it be minimzed to a small size and still be recognized.
Can it be enlarged and still look the same
Does it have a purpose.
Is it unique.

Follow logo and graphics submission guidelines and learn from the best iut there. Your typography requires alot of work. Keep trying. This is one of the most difficult fields to master in dedign.

Good luck


Thank you for reply
i design two versions colored and black and white

My opinions about your design are:

  • First, there is no good communication in your design (the box is in 3 dimensions while the shapes around it are in 2 dimension) Better having uniform design.

  • Second, there’s no color uniformity on the shapes round the box. You got 10 shapes, pick 5 colors and apply each in two shapes by making one shape deep and the other light version of selected color. Eg You choose red, you will have one shape in deep red and other light red, deep blue and light blue, deep yellow and light yellow…etc Or apply different color in each shape.

  • Third, Pick a title that match your design. Your idea is to design a box with multiple color, so why not “COLORFUL BOX” or “MULTICOLORED BOX” or “MULTI CHOICE BOX” something like that.


Thank you for reply