All my items are soft rejected after many years of selling

Hi, all my items are soft rejected after many years of selling. How can I find out the reason why, is there any way someone from Envato could instruct me what to do to get them back on the market?
Thank you!

I guess they email after disabling old items and let you know why. Perhaps their email went to the spam folder. You can contact the support team here and they will let you know why they disabled old items and what you need to change.
I noticed that you use movie posters for your profile and cover. That may cause some problems as well. Movie posters are protected by copyright.

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Wow! That’s the first time I ever hear about something like that. I’m sure there’s a reason.
Please, keep us posted once you get a reply from support. I guess the movie posters thumbs @SuzanaTArt mentions is a very valid reason. Probably changing that, you’ll have your items back online.

Did you verify your identity? Authors who did not respond to the verification injunction have had their portfolio soft-disabled. Maybe it’s the same in this case.

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