all my images are blur

All my images are blur and my sider bar is not working using enfold theme, can someone help me out?

@Kriesi should be able to help :slight_smile:

Hi Dom,

Am currently creating a new website and all my images looks blur and my sider bar is appearing at the bottom page just don’t know what am doing wrong


What to do to get image resolution?

Hi @Alhaji01,

You need to contact @Kriesi - the author of Enfold theme. Please use “Support” or “Comments” section on purchased theme page:


Thanks lucalogos!


Hi Lucalogos,

My problem is I can’t access my product code from the Envato market to register to the enfold theme for support, am wondering if the Envato could help me out, I bought my item as a guest.

Hello @Alhaji01

Per the Envato Help web portal:

If you cannot find the email, create an account with the email you used and then follow the instructions here to locate the purchase code.

If you still can’t find your purchase code, you should get in touch with Envato Support at the Envato Help & Support Center.