All in One Video Downloader Registeration Error

I am using purchased ‘All in One Video Downloader’ script for my site. I have it’s license as well but when I’m trying to register it through install.php, it gives the error of "Registration failed. Check input data and try again or contact with seller."

I have contacted the authors and emailed them at which is their official contact email. They responded to me that I should create a ticket on their support page that I tried to do but their support ticket page is not working and keeps loading. I also mentioned this error on their email but they didn’t respond. What should I do now? The support team is not responding.

Can I get a refund on the script? or how can I solve this registration error to make my script work? Also, I have checked, my input data is correct.

Thanks. Waiting for the Envato community to respond.


Please go to your purchased item comments page and post comments to let them know that you are facing issues. Hope item author will assist you there.



just I have checked your comments in the item comments page and found author has eplied you. Please post the screenshots of the error and ask them why are you getting this error.

Please note that for registration using purchase code you will not be able to use any purchase code more than 1 end product. So, if you used the purchase code in localhost or any other place then at first you have to remove the purchase code from there then you can try to input the purchase code in your live site.

Please share details wth the author. Author are resposnible to assist you any technical issues. If author don’t interest to fix the issues then you can ask for a refunf here
Here is all the information about refunds:
Envato Market Refund Rules


already posted in comments page

Thanks a lot for your detailed response. Yes they have responded in comments but only with asking ticket number and their ticket page is not working. I have told them this issue in comments. They haven’t responded to it yet. Let’s see how they can help otherwise I have to claim refund as I have no other option left.

and yes I only applied purchase code on my live site. Although multiple times as it keep giving the error of “checking input fields” so I tried multiple times on my live site as to check if all my input fields are correct then why I’m having the registration error

share the screenshots image link in comments and ask them to support you and if they request to create a ticket tell them what issues are you facing with their ticket systems. If author don’t assist you then you can ask for a refund. Thanks

Thank you. I’ll do it