All in one Staff Team Management Panel?

I have been searching for an all in one panel. I want my staff to be able access a panel and be able to access task, access their email, live chat, discussion, post ideas and what not.

Also this is just an add on I thought of to. My Staff are divided up into teams. Tech, Help, Moderator and what not. If they had a plugin where instead of forwarding 1 email to 20 people and not knowing who done what. If they had a script or a plugin where if someone emailed the Tech team they would be able to go to the panel see the email and complete the assignment and mark it as so and so handle it.

Do you know of any type of Plugin, Script or anything? I am very knew to this. I use hostiso serve for everything. They told me that PHP, MySQL, Java is what works the best with there server

I think you can use the zendesk, that tool available all thing you need.

What is the URL for that?

Loc I went to there website and they wouldn’t sell me license… I need something I can have license to …